Move of the week: passing crunch


The problem with sit-ups is it can be hard to tell whether you are doing them properly. Are you sitting up too high? Not enough? Should you have your hands behind your head or in front of you?

By incorporating a medicine ball into the humble sit-up you give yourself a tangible, physical target to aim for, while building upper-body strength as you take the weight of the ball. The heavier the medicine ball, the harder it will be and the more benefit you will get from the move. Be careful not to goo to heavy straight away though – trust us when we say you don’t want to know what it feels like to have a medicine ball dropped on your nose.

Start with the ball in your hands with your hands and feet off the floor (see main picture above).

Crunch up to place the ball between your knees. Return to the start then repeat the move to grab the ball back.