Must-do move: Dynamic L-sit


Sit-ups, we’ve all agreed by now, are the domain of 1980s workout videos and the tragically uninformed – a back-endangering, posture-ruining waste of time. But what to replace them with? Well, if planks are too boring, we humbly suggest the gymnastics-inspired dynamic L-sit – the invention of strength coach Ben Bruno. ‘Learning to resist swinging is one of the most challenge aspects of the exercise,’ says Bruno. ‘The slower you go, the harder it is. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible.’ And, of course, make sure your downstairs tailoring keeps you safe from prying eyes. 

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How to do it

Sets 2 Reps 10

Hang from the bar, then open and close your legs. For a more challenging variation, do these from a flexed-arm hang, or halfway into a chin-up. 

Do it at home

No local gymnastics centre? you can still do the moves and get the benefits. here’s what you need for the classic disciplines


No problem here: you can pick up a set of rings from and try the same moves as the pros. Master the muscle-up first, then you might be ready for the formidable iron cross. 

Pommel horse

Don’t risk the family jewels trying handstands, L-sits and planches on the back of your sofa – get a set of parallette bars and work on them in safety.

High bar 

Attempting moves such as the flyaway and half-pirouette in your local park is insanity. Instead, work on the bar muscle-up and dip with a pull-up bar from